Steamquench Optimizer®
By Steamloc International - - -

How does this optimizer ensure improvement in mechanical seal life?
If we look at API plan 62 requirements as in item C you need to bring controlled low pressure steam of good quality to the seal chamber. In many plants each pump with quench has an individual line-up that is determined and constructed at that specific location. So each pumps has its own individual steam line up. We have established that many mistakes are made because of this. Usually the contractor or fitters that constructed the connections are not aware of the function and requirements. Take a look at the schematic below that was made by a renowned seal Company ..
Even this schematic is wrong.

The Steamquench Optimizer provides a solution that has all necessary features and more and eliminates the mistakes and malfunctions in the field. Many times we see a pressure gage is missing, or with the wrong scale, the steam trap is not there or blocked and not working etc. The optimizer brings the standard to the field that is necessary to ensure proper quenching regardless human behavior.

Remember: Improper steam quench means shorter life (MTBR).
                    Good steam quench means longer life (MTBR).