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Topic: Covid-19 and maintenance

Due to reduced demand of distillates many refineries are operating at lower utilization rates. Some refineries are using this period to schedule their maintenance activities.

Pump systems are one of the focal areas. To quote Robert X. Perez from his Operator’s Guide to Centrifugal Pumps (2018) “seals are the weakest link of all centrifugal pumps components”. Reason why seal flush plans do have special attention.

For API Plan 62 pumps, an increased demand for the Steamquench Optimizer indicates the need to be prepared for the hopefully soon re-start of refinery operations.

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Topic: Steamloc steamquench Optimizer – sealing top inlet at gauge.

Last month feb 2020 we developed a solution for sealing in the field of the top pressure gauge inlet to prevent rain water.

Note: all Optimizers from march 2020 will be sealed at our shop before shipping. This instruction is only for Optimizers shipped before march 2020.

Click here to download PDF with instructions.