Steamquench Optimizer®
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Below questions have been collected from existing customers. In case you don’t find a possible answer on one of your question, please feel free to contact us.
  1. How does this optimizer ensure improvement in mechanical seal life?
  2. How does the cyclone labyrinth function in separating steam from condensate?
  3. Why would I need a Steamquench Optimizer unit? I already have steam quench on pumps with normal outline. It works fine.
  4. Do I need to replace and repair the Steamquench Optimizer unit like anything else?
  5. Do I need to insulate the Steamquench Optimizer?
  6. The steam I use is wet since the pumps are far away from fresh steam supply. Can the Steamquench Optimizer solve this problem?
  7. Is it complicated to connect the Steamquench Optimizer?
  8. Do I need spare parts?
  9. How can I get a payback or ROI on this?
  10. What standards apply to the Steamquench Optimizer and what steam pressure can be used?
  11. How is the track record of Steamquench Optimizer?
  12. Trouble shooting – I think it is not functioning properly?
  13. How do we mount the Steamquench Optimizer?
  14. Does the pressure fluctuate once set and how do I prevent operations or others to change the pressures once balance is established?
  15. We prefer to operate with psi or kPa instead of bar. Do you have an option for the gauge in that respect?
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