Steamquench Optimizer®
By Steamloc International - - -

Who we are
Steamloc International is a Dutch OEM manufacturer of devices for the Oil & Gas industry. Since 1984 the company supplies the industry Steamloc® Venturi Steam Traps. Next to a standard range, the company designs, and produces also tailor-made steam traps, according to the requirements of the end-user.

In 2012 Steamloc International developed the Steamquench Optimizer® for API Plan 62 pump systems together with a very large refinery. The concept entails more robust, and reliable steam quenching. By integrating the essential functionalities in a weatherproof cabinet or skid, it increases the endurance of the mechanical seal, and increases the MTBR. The longer minimum time between repair, or MTBR, substantially reduces the operational cost.

All products are produced under PED 2014/68/EU, 3.1.B/EN 10204 certification, and ISO 9001-2015 norms.

With an extensive network in Europe, Far East, and the Americas Steamloc International is able to service the Oil & Gas industry on a global scale.

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